Several points I noticed

Published on Saturday, May 18, 2024 By aigor85 In Sins II Feedback

So far so good guys, thanks for working on this great game. I hope we will have a fourth race at the launch ?

Hope my observations can help or at least to be useful.

After several games I have several points I would like to submit to see if it's just my impression or not just mine:

I will just list them without any particular order of importance

1) No sense for Exodus to have last Research labs on ships tech at research level 5. On difference with Sins 1 you can't dismantle the labs on planets to free space, since those are just part of planet development. So you will spend all the resources anyway, and you will have the maximum amount of labs at research level 5 before starting that research. So what is the point of having more labs than necessary?

2) For Vasari Lasurak some tweaking needs to be done. Since they can actively attack they always rush into the mix. And if you disable auto attack or reduce auto attack radius, they don't send aircraft to attack the ships. 

3) about playability with Vasari: if you don't find an Ice planet close to your home, it's almost surely a game over. Very very difficult to keep up with that little crystal income from asteroids until level 3-4 of research. TEK is almost cheating with the trade compared to the difficulty with Vasari. I really can't see a way for Vasari winning now if not the tunnel to the homeworld of TEK loyalist with the home planet destruction as a condition for winning.

4) I see the titans became a bit more balanced in terms of power. Though Vasari Loyalist titan seems to me got nerfed quite a bit, because of the veeeeeery short radius cone for the Maw.

5) When bombing planets, it would be nice to have some more dramatic effects happening, like burning part of a planet, or some kind of nuclear winter especially for Vasari since their beams don't even have a blast. Hell if going too creative a Terran planet could become an Ice planet if bombed lets say 2 times (I know I know im overstepping here)

that would be all for now, thanks for your work!