Accidently Scuttling Home Planet

Published on Wednesday, May 22, 2024 By GASherbert In Sins II Feedback

I started up a game, excited to check out how things have progressed, only to lose the game after 45 seconds. I was very confused as to how that was possible, wondering if had found a weird bug. I started a new game with the same settings and tried to run through my same moves as the first game and pay attention to what may have broken. Then I noticed my planet was in the process of being abandoned!

Turns out I accidently hit the 'delete' key when trying to hit 'pause' to examine things (multiple times, since this happened in both my first attempt and the redo). Since my planet was selected at the time, the order to abandon the planet was given.

I've fixed it on my end by changing the scuttle keybind to 'ctrl-del' to avoid accidental button presses. I wonder if it might be a good idea to have a more obvious alert for scuttling things like planets or capital ships, or have a confirmation step. Losing a significant investment (or game!) to an unnoticed misclick (or key press) feels really bad.