Random Feedback From Latest Games

Published on Monday, May 27, 2024 By davidwmiller In Sins II Feedback

Played a few matches over the weekend, first time in a couple updates. Kept track of a couple minor things that bothered me, so here they are.

  • Research screen is way too 'busy' by late game. If you missed a couple techs, it's hard to find them. Looking through a sea of yellow boxes for the ones without the yellow outline. Would be nice if you could fade out the finished stuff, or something else to make the available options more distinct from the completed ones.


  • The Kultorask abilities are insanely loud relative to ...everything else. Like, literally to the point I was turning down my headphones or actively avoiding zooming in on battles while that Titan was operating. Seriously needs some tuning. 

  • The notifications about influence level increasing with a minor faction shouldn't appear when it increased specifically because I clicked the button to increase it on a screen dedicated to doing so. (not sure if it can increase on it's own outside of this, which is where the notifcation makes sense.)  The feedback to my button click is the notification, which I click it, see it upgrade, close the popup, and then see a notification that it upgraded, it's redundant and old news, just something for me to click to clear.


  • It'd be nice if there was something more to call your attention to influence points being maxed out. The colour changes, but it's still pretty subtle and even 3 games in I was constantly forgetting it. 


  • Not sure what this would look like, but it'd be useful if there was some way to turn off auto-scout by default on scouts. If there's a way to do this already someone help me out please, but at some point in the game I want a couple scouts to manually park where I want them for selective recon, and it was annoying to always have to manually snatch them out of their auto-explore. 


  • This is most relevant as Vasari Exodus, but when you've got ships with deployable phase gates and starbases, it's rather inconvenient to cycle through a dozen capital ships to find the one with the item you want. It would be great to have a shared  menu that lists out the deployable items in the fleet.


  • Edit: Random followup to that previous point. Personally, I'd go a bit further and put "deployables" in a separate slot that doesn't take away from ship components. You don't need and can't use enough at any one time for the tradeoff with ship components to be meaningful, and they're even a liability if the ship is destroyed before it can be used. By late game I was just leaving the 4th slot free on a bunch of ships purely for the UI convenience not having to find my empty build slots to queue up another starbase and it felt silly and arbitrary. Let us blow our resources to slap on a deployable item without fussing over losing a slot and it'd be a QoL gain in my opinion.